2018 Community Survey

Prior to the discussion or adoption of a new City budget, a community survey is conducted, to obtain input from local residents on priorities and city services delivery. The City of Dana Point along with help from FM3 Research conducted its bi-annual Community Survey from December 4th -11th 2018. There were 791 interviews completed by randomly-selected registered voters, and we are excited to share the results with you.

When it comes to the quality of life in Dana Point, 92% of residents surveyed agree that Dana Point is a place they want to share with their family and friends and are proud to call DP their home. 

Overwhelmingly, 80% of residents remain satisfied with the job the City is doing in providing services for top tier issues including police services, maintaining storm drains to keep our beaches clean, maintaining streets and roads, and responding to the number of homeless in Dana Point.  It’s our goal is for the community to see that the City is responsive to its needs and is satisfied with City Government and City Services.

The survey asked residents what they thought was the most serious issue facing Dana Point that they would like to see City government do more about, and the overarching answer was homelessness with 41%. Addressing homelessness was also the residents’ highest priority for the use of additional funds. This provides the City with good insight to continue our extensive outreach programs throughout Dana Point.

When it came to safety, residents reported that they feel very safe around Dana Point during the day.  When broken down by area, here were the following numbers:

  • 75% feel safe in their own neighborhoods
  • 65% feel safe along the beach
  • 61% feel safe at their closest park
  • 54% feels safe on side streets off the main boulevards.

More insights were gathered on safety with concerns expressed by women, at night in certain areas of town, such as beaches.

The City has worked hard to create more access to information with the use of technology by launching Report 2 DP’, weekly blogs, YouTube Live for City Council meetings, and daily social media updates across three different channels including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.  All of these efforts led to an overwhelming increase in support from the public in the City’s ability to communicate with the public better.  In 2017, that figure was 59%.  The recent survey saw a growth to 72%.

You can view all of the 2018 Community Survey results here!