Reporting issues such as graffiti, parking violations, and noise complaints within Dana Point city limits is pretty simple with the help of technology. As summer approaches, the City is reminding residents about their free mobile app called Report 2 DP. It allows users to notify the City about issues in the area, and it’s pretty easy to navigate.

Once you’ve downloaded the app, it will take you to the home screen where you can choose to make a service request, look on the City’s website, make a phone call, or file a short term rental complaint.

Here’s how it works: The Report 2 DP app also includes a “Service Request” section. This button allows you to notify the City about concerns like graffiti, a hole in the sidewalk, or abandoned property. The app uses your phone’s GPS which lets you pinpoint the area of concern and attach photos. Your email address is also requested (verification will come from QScend Technologies) just in case any additional information is needed. This gives City staff the ability to get in contact with you and address the issue as quickly as possible. If additional work is needed or the task is complete, you’ll receive a notification so you can stay on top of concerns that are important to you.

Additionally, if you have a permitted short term rental property located near your home and you notice the renters are parking improperly, you can simply hop on the app, type in the address, and file a report through “Host Compliance.” Dana Point Code Enforcement will then investigate your claim. The “Short Term Rental Complaints” section has a list of issues to choose from including noise violations, trash problems, and trespassing.

Report 2 DP is a free service aimed at making it easier for people to report issues and stay proactive within our community. If the situation is an emergency, please call 9-1-1.

To download the app on your mobile device CLICK HERE