It’s not just the candidates you’ll need to research before voting in the 2020 Primary Election. A new voting system will bring big changes to the way you cast your ballot in 15 counties across the state of California, which includes Orange County. Here’s what you need to know ahead of the March 3rd Primary.

Voting Deadlines:

Thanks to the California Voter’s Choice Act, your window to vote will now last 11 days. The polls will open on February 22nd and run through March 3rd. If you’re registering online or by mail, you must do so by February 18th. You can pick up a voter registration form at most post offices, libraries, and local elections offices. If you miss that deadline, you can now take advantage of same-day registration at any Voting Center across the County. That runs through election day on March 3rd.

Voting Centers:

You’ll no longer have to go to your assigned precinct to cast your ballot in-person. Under the new system, poll workers will use digital tablets connected to the central voter registration database to verify your information. That means you can fill out your ballot at any of the 188 Vote Centers across Orange County.


If you’re already a registered voter, you’ll receive a vote-by-mail ballot within the next few weeks. Once you’ve received it, you can fill it out at home and drop it off at one of 110 secure ballot drop box locations within Orange County. Those boxes are accepting ballots now through March 3rd. You can also return your ballot by mail in the postage-paid return envelope on or before Election Day. Ballots will also be accepted at Voting Center locations.

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