CASA: Caring for Dana Point’s Sheltered Animals

The Coastal Animal Services Authority, commonly known as CASA, oversess animal sheltering and animal control services for the cities of San Clemente, and Dana Point.

CASA has partnered with the Pet Project Foundation (PPF), which works on-site at the shelter to provide volunteers for the front office, cat room and dog walking. The volunteers help deliver the best possible care for the shelter animals. These volunteers also are public-facing, and they deliver exceptional customer service.

Local veterinarians also donate their time to care for the shelter animals. They offer reduced fees on their services, perform routine exams on the animals, and address medical issues. Science Diet is another appreciated partner.  It provides all of the animal shelter food and packets that are given out with each adoption.

CASA also participates in many local events and organizations like Boy Scout Troops, the Festival of Whales, Emergency Expo, and San Clemente’s Fiesta.

Along with external efforts, CASA has worked hard to create events and programs to get the community involved in hopes of finding homes for our furry friends. There is a summer reading group called “Calming Tails,” where elementary students can participate by reading to the animals on a weekly basis. They also recently hosted a Trick or Treating event in October, and will host a Food Drive in November, Holiday Tree Decorating in December, and many more events in 2019.

As room permits, CASA also takes in animals from outside our jurisdiction. CASA’s animal control officers patrol our communities and are on call for after-hour emergencies. The officers pick up stray and/or injured animals and local wildlife.  Animal Control also handles concerns from the public as they come up.

Another program worth mentioning is the Owner Relinquishment Program, which keeps animals that residents that are no longer able to care for.  All qualifying residents can also get quarterly vaccines at no-cost from the spay/neuter clinic.

Are you looking to adopt a pet? CASA’s animals are featured in local papers, such as the San Clemente Times and Dana Point Times, as well as, the South County monthly magazine. You can also stop by the shelter during business hours. 

If you are interested in joining PPF and volunteering at the shelter, you must be over 18 years old and can stop by the shelter for more information, or call the PPF directly at (949) 595-8899.