Dana Point’s Capital Improvement Program

Dana Point has only been a City since 1989, but it has been a premier coastal destination and beautiful place to call home for the better part the last century. Part of what makes things good here, is the continued commitment to improvements and upgrades. Over the past ten years, the City of Dana Point has funded over $70 million on its infrastructure through its Capital Improvement Program (CIP).

Capital Improvement Program projects can include; land and right-of-way acquisition; construction, major repair, reconstruction or replacement of capital items such as buildings, roadways, bridges drainage facilities and parks; purchase of major equipment with long life expectancy; or projects requiring debt obligation or borrowing.

There has been significant interest in the City’s investment in its capital infrastructure over the last few years.  Most prominent are the recent improvements to the Town Center area, with new signage, lighting and landscaping. Other, less prominent, improvements have also occurred, and they are equally important to our quality of life.  These include replacing storm drains that filter debris, projects to improve our parks, and road resurfacing.

The City of Dana Point has funded $50 million in total project costs; the other $20 million came from grants and outside funding sources.  In the past ten years, every area of Dana Point has seen investment from capital improvements as shown below. The City’s policies and Capital Improvement Program have been directed based on age and lifecycle of facilities and projects get prioritized based on need for replacement and improvement. 

Other projects have already begun and are not included in the total cost, such as the Crown Valley Parkway paving and median construction. 

It’s important to share with the community how the money is being spent and to prepare for future needs. The new schedule of projects will be based on funding and priority.

At the next City Council meeting, there will be a workshop to understand the CIP summary to move forward with the next 7-year schedule. Click here for more information. The 7-year schedule, created by the Public Works Department, will make the City eligible for Measure M grant funds and will be voted on June 19th.  Not only does the City Council vote to approve the schedule, they will also vote on the individual contracts of each CIP project.

Click here for more information on the City’s CIP history: http://www.danapoint.org/department/public-works-engineering/construction-capital-improvement-projects