City of Dana Point Code Enforcement Operations

The City of Dana Point takes great pride in maintaining its aesthetic and promoting the involvement of community members and neighborhood organizations in assuring the City remains a healthy and welcoming place to live, work, and visit.

The City Council has had a strategic objective to create a Code Enforcement Strategy for consistency throughout the operations. The recently completed Code Enforcement Operations and Strategic Plan provides a framework for City staff to provide code compliance in a manner which is clear and concise for all.

The Code Enforcement Division promotes, maintains, and enforces ordinances and laws to preserve, protect, and enhance the quality of life in Dana Point. Code compliance operations are pivotal in preventing, monitoring, and resolving conditions in the environment that pose a threat or that may be detrimental to the health and well-being of residents and visitors, and to the City’s reputation as a world-class destination.

The City of Dana Point’s Code Division will be both proactive and reactive in nature, responding to citizen complaints in a timely and effective manner, while handling a wide range of code issues that the Code Officer acknowledges and pursues for the betterment of the community. Code Enforcement programs are more likely to develop the expertise and efficiency to respond to various complex issues.  It is our purpose to educate the community so that code compliance is understood as being an integral part of our community fabric.

The goal of the Code Enforcement Division is to proactively communicate and consistently enforce the DPMC so that the rules of conduct for residents, visitors, and businesses are understood and adhered to. This goal is achieved by obtaining voluntary compliance through progressive enforcement.

Voluntary compliance with the City’s municipal code is met through preventing the deterioration of neighborhoods and buildings, rehabilitating existing housing and buildings, educating individuals on preventative maintenance, protecting the public from unsafe and substandard buildings, preventing future blight/decline of property values, and improving water quality as instructed by State and City codes and ordinances.

For more details about Dana Point’s Municipal Codes, Officers and Operations, and to view the Strategic Plan, please visit our website using the link below. Follow @cityofdanapoint on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube for what’s going on in your community.