Dana Point Will Now Hold By-District Elections

As of May 15, the City of Dana Point has adopted a by-district election process instead of continuing at-large elections.  You may be wondering what this means for our community, so we have put together everything you need to know to have a smooth transition as we move forward with this new system for Dana Point.

How many districts does Dana Point have?

Dana Point now has five districts including Monarch Beach, Dana Hills, Del Obispo, Lantern Village, and Capistrano Beach area as shown in the above Tan VI map.

How does districting change the election process?

 Voters within a designated district can only elect one city council member who must also reside in and be a registered voter of that district.  If you live in district two, you can’t vote for the candidate running in any other district. And vise versa, a candidate who lives in the other districts can’t run or vote for district one. It’s simple!

 When do the new districts go into effect?

 The new districts will go into effect this year with the November 2018 elections.

How do you know if your district is up for election?

Districts one, two and  three will vote in the upcoming  2018 elections. Districts four and five will have their first by-district election vote in November 2020.

 How do you find out which district you reside?

The Tan VI map can be found on the city’s website here. Districts one, two, and three are

Monarch Beach, Dana Hills, and the Del Obispo areas. Four and five consists of the Lantern Village and Capistrano Beach areas.


Check out the video below for districting made simple brought to you by your City Manager, Mark Denny and Deputy City Clerk, Bobby Ogan. For more information on City news and updates stay connected on all of the City of Dana Point social channels.