Helping in the Holidays

Homelessness happens in every community, and Southern California is a popular destination because we are home to beautiful beaches and weather all year long.  As people want to give over the holidays, we want to answer some of the common questions and stress the importance of responsible compassion.

Anyone can become homeless through unfortunate circumstances. It can occur from loss of a job or home, family situation, mental illness or financial challenges. Some people also choose to be homeless. People can become homeless when an individual or family problems become uncontrollable; it is not just one “type” of a person or one factor that is the cause.

Dana Point strives to create a sustainable, measurable program to eliminate the necessity of homelessness. We are always working to coordinate resources to provide services to end the homeless of individuals and families living in Dana Point.

A positive way to help the homeless, in our community, this holiday season is by donating to our partners, and not giving money or food directly to the homeless. There are many other ways to give back like volunteering with neighboring organizations to serve those in need.

Want to help? Give a hand, by contacting outreach to offer services to those in need. You can reach an outreach worker by calling (949) 441-6269. For additional resource information and local statistics visit our Homeless Resources website page.

Holiday Reminder

While the holidays are mostly merry and bright, it’s also a heavy time for package theft. Make sure your packages will be secure when ordering gifts. Dana Point law enforcement is working to address threatening or criminal behavior and identify strategies to address these happenings.

It’s our priority to keep the community safe so we can enjoy the holidays with family, friends, and the community. Please report any suspicious activity to the Orange County Sheriff’s Department by calling Sheriff Dispatch at (949) 770-6011. If illegal activity is occurring in public spaces or trespassing on property, please call the police services non-emergency number (949) 770-6011.