Beautification Improvements for Scenic Drive

Wondering what’s happening on Scenic Drive? This picturesque area is getting some improvements designed to enhance road conditions, public access, and better protect sensitive plants and animals from damage caused by trespassers.

Here’s an update on the project, which is part of the Annual Roadway Resurfacing Project FY 18/19.

Parking Changes:

Curbside parking has been moved to the uphill side of the street directly across from the previous parking with no change to the number of parking spaces (39). This will reduce the amount of trash left behind in the protected habitat area by people that trespass or throw it from cars.  There will be four 90-degree parking spaces at the new view deck, Harbor View Park, including an ADA compliant parking space.

Taken from one of the new 90-degree parking spots.

We are pleased to report that the parking on the uphill side is now available for use.  There may be some intermittent impacts to parking as we move to finish the improvements.

Before sidewalk improvement were made.

Sidewalk Revisions:

A new sidewalk has been constructed on the downhill side (ocean side) of Scenic Drive from the cul-de-sac at the Nature Interpretive Center to a newly constructed view deck at Harbor Point Park.  Before, a sidewalk existed only on the uphill side.

New sidewalks

Breathtaking View:

Also in the plan is the construction of a new view deck, above Harbor Point Park.  This will be a new wooden deck at the overlook location, where Green Lantern turns into Scenic Drive.  Expect to see improvements to fencing and signage along the downhill side of Scenic Drive. Also included is a new trail connection to Harbor Point Park which will allow the trail users to exit the trail system at the view deck.

What’s Left?

Construction of the new trail and view deck. Slurry Seal of Scenic Drive and the Nature Interpretive Center Parking Lot.  Delays due to weather have occurred and work is now scheduled for after the holidays. Final striping will follow slurry sealing.

We appreciate the public’s patience as the City accomplishes this work.  No additional work will be done during the holidays to avoid disruption to the community.  Again, we will return after the first of the year to finish the improvements.  Have a great holiday season.