Public Workshop to Discuss Sea Level Rise Assessment Findings

The City of Dana Point is announcing a public workshop to share the findings of the Sea Level Rise (SLR) Vulnerability Assessment.

What it is: The assessment is part of the Dana Point Local Coastal Program (LPC) amendment process to determine the potential future vulnerability of infrastructure, land uses, and coastal resources in the Dana Point coastal zone. “The objective of this assessment is to form a basis for future studies and policy development, as well as proactively look at ways to mitigate the impact on our community’s coastline,” said John Ciampa, Senior Planner.

What will be discussed: A review of coastal resources and how these resources could be affected by sea level rise. The City will also talk about possible mitigation strategies, as well as evaluating the vulnerability across primary coastal reaches. Those include the bluff-backed beaches of North Dana Point, Dana Point Harbor, and the low-lying sandy beaches of South Dana Point.

Why: The adoption of an LCP is a requirement under the Coastal Act; The California Coastal Commission has made Sea Level Rise policy a priority as coastal cities try to update and amend their LCP.

When: On December 4th at 6:30 pm, the City will share the findings of the SLR Vulnerability Assessment with the  public. After an overview of that assessment, there will be an opportunity for feedback as well as a Q&A session.

Where: It will be held at the Dana Point Community Center, located at 34052 Del Obispo Street.

Senior Planner John Ciampa is encouraging people living in the area to attend. “We look forward to the opportunity to inform residents about the results of the study and receive comments and questions regarding the report.”

The assessment was conducted by the private coastal engineering firm, Moffet & Nichol.

Click here to review the entire SLR Vulnerability Assessment online.