Let’s work together to keep Dana Point Safe!

As part of setting the standard for an exceptionally livable and vibrant world-class community, the City of Dana Point is launching a new program that would help law enforcement solve crimes. If you have a security camera or camera system that captures public areas (like the street in front of your house or business) the City would like to know. 

The City is looking to create a database of registered camera owners and locations of cameras that capture public areas. Should a crime occur in the vicinity of your home or business, law enforcement would contact you and request to review footage relevant to the date and time of the occurrence.  This can help reduce crime in your neighborhood and aid law enforcement in capturing criminals in our community. 

For your assurance, at no time would law enforcement view footage/feeds directly from your cameras and registered camera owner consent would always be required should footage or live feed viewing be requested.

Individuals wishing to participate in the program can fill out the below form at bit.ly/dpvideotips To register multiple locations, use separate forms for each address. Please note: camera registration is encouraged, but not required – participation in the program is voluntary.

Thank you for your participation. Working together, we can reduce crime.  For more citywide news, events, and happenings stay connected with us on the City of Dana Point’s Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.