Environmentally Safe Sunscreen

How much thought do you put into selecting your sunscreen? You want one that offers protection, and feels good on your skin – but did you know there are reef friendly sunscreens that also help improve the water quality in our ocean?

Protect both your health and the environment on your next beach day by being mindful when selecting your sunscreen. The City of Dana Point is proud to support the Environmental Working Group’s mission to encourage people to use environmentally safe sunscreen on our beaches.

Every year the EWG puts out a Guide to Sunscreens so your family has the knowledge you need to make smart choices. These sunscreen safety ratings will help you make the right purchase for both skin and beach protection this summer. The Guide is filled with tips on how to read sunscreen labels, how to know what protection you need, and how to determine a product’s impact on our environment. EWG provides the best sunscreens for the beach, and top picks in the categories of sports, kid’s and SPF with moisturizer.

Did you know that sunscreen should actually be your last line of defense when protecting your skin? The most important first step is to plan when you will be in the sun. Going out earlier or later in the day when the sun is low helps lessen your exposure to direct UV rays. Wearing clothes such as shirts, hats, and rash guards can shield your skin and reduce burn risk by 27%. You can reduce burns by up to 30% by seeking out shade, or making it! This is as simple as finding a tree or bringing an umbrella whenever you are outdoors. And don’t forget your sunglasses to protect your eyes.

After downloading the EWG’s Sunscreen Guide HERE, take it with you to the store by downloading the Healthy Living App. Want more green beach tips all summer long? Follow the City of Dana Point on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter.