Did you know one of the City Council’s goals in the Strategic Plan is to preserve and enhance environmental health and sustainability?  Let the start of the new decade usher in easy tips for us to support and protect the health of Dana Point’s environment.

Remember, Rain On, Sprinklers Off:

Did you know 30-60% of the water Californians consume is used outdoors? To prevent runoff and save water, remember to turn off your sprinklers on rainy days. In the winter months, don’t forget to change the length and frequency of your sprinkler cycles. And when it comes to those stormy days, keep your neighbors in mind. Once the skies have cleared, check your yard for any large pools of water in pots or buckets. Be sure to dump them out to prevent mosquito breeding habitats.

Don’t Leave Home Without Them:

Nobody wants to step in doo doo, but it goes beyond just ruining someone’s shoes. Unattended dog droppings on public property are illegal and can contribute to bacteria pollution at our beaches. Keep doggie bags handy when out on a walk with your pets, and be sure to throw them in the trash once they’ve been used.

The Many Ways To Recycle:

We’re not just talking about bottles and cans; there are other items in your home that should be recycled to avoid harming others. Do you have expired or unwanted medications? Don’t throw them in the trash or down the toilet, instead take advantage of our Safe Medication Drop-Off box at the Sheriff’s Office at City Hall. Click here for more information.

The City of Dana Point also has collection bins for old household batteries and CFL lightbulbs. Please visit Community Development at City Hall to safely dispose of those items.

Have you ever considered recycling your food scraps? In the months of April, May, June & September, the Vermicomposting Workshop will teach you how to turn your unwanted scraps into compost. Dana Point residents are eligible to receive a voucher towards the purchase of a Vermicomposting Bin. Please click here for registration information.

Don’t Send It To The Ocean:

Hosing down driveways and sidewalks is prohibited by the City’s water quality program. This is especially critical when dealing with items that could be hazardous. When working on home improvement projects, please take extra precautions to ensure that no materials get washed or blown into the street. Never hose materials into a gutter or storm drain. If you have leftover paint or household cleaners, you can call for FREE household hazardous waste pick-up. Click here for more information.

These are just a few ways you can help the environment and our community in 2020. For more tips and ideas, click this link.