California has more than two million households at extreme risk from wildfires, making it the most wildfire-prone state in the nation. As we approach the start of wildfire season, the Orange County Fire Authority is asking California residents to have a plan and prepare. 

Protect Your Home:

Homes survive wildfires because of vegetation management. Regardless of your budget, there are things you can do to make your home less vulnerable. Fire officials suggest removing dead or dying plants, pruning or thinning trees and shrubs, and replacing fire-prone plants with fire-resistant and drought-tolerant plants.

Remove Fuel Sources:

Areas at the edge of the wilderness are the most vulnerable to wildfires and are called Wildland Urban Interface(WUI). Most homes in WUI areas ignite due to external sources. In order to protect your home and reduce potential threats, you should remove anything within 30 feet of your home that could be used as a fuel source. Those items include construction materials, vehicles, or boats. Depending on the intensity of the fire, embers can be carried more than a mile ahead, which can put homes located blocks away in danger. 

Prepare Ahead Of Time:

Creating defensible space means controlling, trimming, or removing vegetation within 100 feet of your home to slow or stop the spread of wildfires. Fire officials recommend installing or retrofitting your home with fire-resistant construction materials that will reduce the threat from embers, flames, and radiant heat. 

Get An Assessment:

A home assessment is a consultation with an OCFA representative who will examine the outside of your home and surrounding property. They can explain specific steps you can take to reduce the risk of wildfire damage or destruction.

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